The Living Group Council at MIT

The Living Group Council is the governing organization of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's five Independent Living Groups (ILGs). The Independent Living Groups are part of MIT's diverse Fraternity Sorority and Independent Living Group (FSILG) Community. MIT's ILGs are houses around the institute, which play host to close-knit communities of students. They vary from co-ed fraternities to coop houses, each with its own unique culture. All of MIT's ILGs house undergraduates; some also house graduate students.

The Five Houses

Epsilon Theta

Epsilon Theta is a co-ed independent living group in a historic house in Brookline, across the river from MIT. We enjoy playing board games, watching movies, and going out to nearby restaurants together. We also host social events that attract many friends from campus, including a weekly dessert study break and several parties each year.

Fenway House

Fenway House is a coed independent living group for MIT students. We are 20 men and women sharing a large five story house in Boston's Back Bay, a 20 minute walk from the MIT campus. We have all kinds of people living here, from all over the country and all over the world. Fenbeings are a social, tight-knit group, going out for brunch, out to the theatre, and organizing weekly Dessertnites and creative parties throughout the year.


pika is a co-ed co-op house, where 30 fantastic scientists, engineers and philosophers live together and eat dinner together every night. We've improved it with a fire pole, four-story deck system, 10 chickens, a treehouse, the bumper from the Hummer we slew, an efficient laundry system, and incredible food, including a vegetarian and vegan option every night. It is currently located at 69 Chestnut St. in Cambridge, and can be found during rush by following the little orange flags from Simmons.

Student House

A co-ed living group located a bit off campus from MIT. The house is a co-ed living space. We normally have around 24 kids living here. Though we live in one of the richer parts of Boston, we are actually the cheapest option of living at MIT. The house also includes a new drum kit, a piano, a bunch of acoustic guitars, a bass guitar, various amps, Guitar Hero, an accordion, and other instruments for the musically inclined.

Women's Independent Living Group (WILG)

WILG is one of the few all- women housing options at MIT. We're an independent living group that houses about 45 residents. WILG was founded with the belief that a group of hard- working women can manage their own house, and we've been doing just that for over 30 years. WILG is located just 7 minutes from 77 Mass Ave (closer than Next House), and we offer a great community, as well as delicious homecooked meals and baked goods!

Live with us!

How rush works

Each house has a different rush system. ET and WILG host events for prospective new members at the same time as fraternity/sorority rush, and again near the beginning of second semester. Student House, Fenway, and pika all practice informal rush, recruiting new members throughout the semester. The best way to get to know an ILG is by coming over and getting to know the people who live there.

Incoming freshmen

Although by MIT policy, freshmen must live on campus, freshmen are welcome at rush events and some houses have freshmen members who participate in the community and plan to move in their sophomore years.

Graduate Students

Fenway House, pika, Student House, and Epsilon Theta have graduate student members as well as undergrads. Graduate students can join an ILG the same way undergraduates do, or can learn more by emailing rush contacts below.

Summer Housing

Epsilon Theta, Fenway House, pika, and WILG have summer housing available for non-members, space permitting. For more information, email the contacts listed in the table below

The Living Group Council

The LGC is the student coordinating body for Independent Living Groups. A representative from each house meet once to twice per semester at a member house or on campus to coordinate joint rush or social activities, share best practices, and discuss any issues currently affecting ILGs. Unlike the IFC or the Panhellenic council, the LGC has no disciplinary authority over its member houses.

2020 LGC Officers

Jason Ye, '21 (ET), Speaker

Living Groups Summary

House Co-ed? Head / Contact Rush Contact Summer Housing
Epsilon Theta Yes Commander Rush Chair Email
Fenway House Yes President House House
pika Yes Questions Rush Chair Email
Student House Yes Exec Rush Chair
WILG (Women's Independent Living Group) Women only Exec Rush Chair Webpage