The Living Group Council at MIT

Rush Spring 2015!

Visit the Independent Living Groups (ILGs) for Spring Rush 2015!
Each house is currently looking for new members. Whether you're entering your first year at MIT or your last, you can find a place at one of the ILGs.

See the following links for more rush information!

Epsilon Theta Fenway House pika Student House WILG
Visit the individual houses for more information, or email lgc-exec if you have any questions!

Contact & Addresses


email: et-rush-chair[-at-], phone: (617) 253-8888
address: 259 Saint Paul Street, Brookline 02446
Call anytime for a ride to ET. We will do our best to accomodate you.


email: zatheodo[-at-], phone: 617-437-1043
address: 34 The Fenway, Boston MA 02215


email: pika-questions[-at-], phone: 617-492-6983
address: 69 Chestnut St. Cambridge, MA 02139

Student House

email: rushstuds[-at-]
address: 111 Bay State Rd, Boston, MA 02215.


email: wilg-rush[-at-]
address: 355 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02139


Can freshmen join an ILG?

Yes! Although freshmen are not allowed to live off-campus, they are allowed (and encouraged) to join an ILG during their first year.

How can I get to the events?

Check the full schedule for specific pick-up/meet-up locations, but in general, events run by Fenway, pika, Student House, and WILG meet at their respective houses at the listed time. All of ET's events meet at Lobby 7.